5 easy ways to promote your my Facebook page

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Promote your my Facebook page

my Facebook page

If you work with network marketing, affiliate marketing, or if you’re a traditional business owner, and you want marketing online, probably already know how great and important are the social media.

And currently, the King of social media is Facebook. With more than a billion users and still growing, it is not difficult to see why this can be a gold mine literally. One of the hottest things on Facebook, from a marketing perspective, is a my Facebook page.

In this article, I will tell you 5 ways simple and effective and promote your my Facebook page and grow your presence on Facebook:

1 promote your my Facebook page with a widget – can turn your visitors into fans of Facebook, using the style – widgets. If you are giving useful content to your blog, and you have a group of repeat visitors, it is very easy for your readers to become fans of your page.

2-put a link to your my Facebook page in your LinkedIn profile – just like the example I gave above, if you are already building a presence on LinkedIn, a good idea would be to give to your links, the possibility to link to your Facebook page through your profile.

3 put a link to your Facebook page through your email – this applies to your e-mail address as your offline email address. It is a simple method that can potentially win some impressive results.

4 promote your page from Facebook on Youtube – in addition to Facebook, Youtube is probably the greatest Monster social media. With billions of people on Youtube, a simple but effective to promote your page is marketing via Youtube (video marketing). You can create some videos and place your link in the description box or in the video itself.

5. invites your existing database – if you have a list, you send an invitation to view the page. If they are on the list, chances are that you already have a mini relationship with them and that you won’t have any problem visiting your page.

Build your Facebook page may take some time, but worth it. And in the same way to promote your blog and website, site or capture, if you want to grow your page, you have to promote and drive traffic to it.

While these are the basic methods to promote your page, there are many ways that you can use for your promotion. You are only limited by your own creativity. Don’t be afraid to try different ways so that you can identify which method works best for you.

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