6 steps to create a fanpage

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Today worldwide a fanpage, either for work or for fun in yahoo-finance is created as we help you create a fanpage

To create a facebook fanpage you must first facebook login home page and proceed with the following steps to create a fanpage.

create a fanpage

Is very fashionable lately to know how to create a Facebook page , as the aforementioned social network is a great free marketing center , either to promote your company , your personal website , among others. This time we will show you how to create a fan page step by step.

Step # 1 : Once we are in the beginning of Facebook, on your left you will see a section where an option that says «pages» appear , pass the cursor above and we listed a link that says » MORE » which will give you click . Once inside you will see the option at the top that says » + Create a Page » we have to go to continue the process.

Step number 2: we choose a category according to the fan page that we create . Facebook gives us the following: location or local business – company, organization or institution – brand or product – artist, band or public figure – entertainment – cause or community.

Step # 3: We chose the name for our new Facebook fan page , if possible use words that call attention to attract people who can get to like that page (remember that the page can not be racist or offensive nature ) . If we agree to the terms and conditions choose the box and we give click the start button .

Step 4 : Once we’ve created the page select a profile photo that is characterized with your name, to attract prospective fans and said the photo can select from your computer or import it from a website , once it photo will press the «Next» button.

Step No. 5 : In the next step we have to add a description of your site to attract people to it and select the » save information » . In the same you can also place a link to your website direction you’re trying to promote.

Step # 6: then select a name for the end of your URL , it would make sense to put the name of the page again. An example would be :» www.facebook.com/6 steps to create a fanpage » and we click the button » set direction » and will conclude with this create a fanpage.create a fanpage

Then we have to go browsing this ad to assimilate it and discover all the uses we can give you.


Invite your Facebook friends to be part of your fan page and incentívalos to invite your friends too , so new fans can have much faster.
At the top of the fan page will see a button that says » Help,» in which we will have several options to optimize , manage new administrators and statistics, among others.

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