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Anonymous fb login. What is it?

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During the f8 Conference for developers of Facebook, which was held last week, the social network presented the anonymous session start, a new way to log in to applications without sharing personal information with developers, as well as a new version of fb login, which includes improved privacy controls.

This is going to appeal to many users, especially those who were not very favorable to access applications (games, etc.) sharing your personal information with them.

We will detail more in depth what are three improvements introduced by Facebook:

-Anonymous fb login home: it’s a simple way to test an application without sharing personal information from Facebook.

The anonymous session start allows users to log in to applications, in such a way that they do not have to remember user names or passwords, but do not share personal information of Facebook. Users can decide whether they wish to share more information once they know better the application.

At the moment, it’s a feature that Facebook is testing only with a few developers, but in the coming months are expected over those who implement it.

-Control via fb login. Although it is not accessed anonymously, new onset of Facebook session allows you to choose exactly the data receiving applications, by checking and unchecking by separate categories of information. For example, if someone wants to share your email address with an application address, but not your date of birth, you can do so.

-New application control panel: it is a place on which users can view and manage applications that use and access which have their data, to manage specific permissions for each application and permanently remove the applications. This new panel will be in the user accounts in the coming weeks.
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