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Supports facebook accounts

facebook accounts

One of the prized assets that value have to the dinosaurs but they are not physical are your facebook accounts insocial networks especially when we talk about Facebook, this according to some studies and surveys thatthey have made in recent days among the netizens of the world.

The value of our facebook accounts this clearly contributed to the information in it and the age that has,photographs, documents and contacts are possibly unique data that possibly we would not recover ifsomeday someone hacks our account or simply the social network of Facebook decides to close.

Because of this on this occasion we’d like to give you the simple steps that you must perform to supportinformation that has in your facebook accounts, taking into account that the social network allows usnatively support as well as reload information.

Steps to support our information on Facebook:

1. the first thing we need to do is login to your account using our username and password.

2. Once inside our account we headed for the arrow icon located in the top right corner and give click inthe.

3 we give click in the «Configuration» option.

4 just under the general configuration appears an option called «Download a copy of your information»,which will lead us to another page where will ask for our backup.

5 is the click ‘OK’ and start the download which this format. zip.

You must take into account that the file that you download can weigh much by which the process can last along time, so we will need space on our hard drive and lots of patience. Let us remember that theinformation which we are propping up includes fotografiaras that in many cases are enough mind heavy tosomewhat complicate the process because of its resolution.

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