Common mistakes in using Facebopok

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Common mistakes in using Facebopok

Currently, the use of Facebopok as a social network has testimonials that speak well on its actual use from the point of personal, professional and experienced and new business view. Everyone finds good use Facebook in their lives.

However, it not all rosy is shown in the world of social networks, and so it is for Facebopok too. Facebook misuse can be very annoying and alienating someone to achieve this social network because of overemphasis or invitations, extortion, violation of privacy, and even viruses included in your computer or mobile because of Facebook.


First, if you have received mail with notification that one or several persons have seen your profile on Facebook, let him disregard this email because through Facebopok this function is not possible until now. Rather Be alert, because it may be some virus or spam.

Something that can be very annoying for users Facebook, is the use of this application to replicate chains «life or die». The reality in this sense, is that the issue of not sharing or such content, has no such priority be life threatening, so if ignored, probably nothing will happen.

Invitations to join or download games can be quite annoying and unpleasant, so you ahórratelas: good news about it is that Facebook has a feature to disable these notifications.

If you want to know about a person, contact him through the Messenger of Facebopok, and to ask about someone through a photo or a state is not the most effective Facebook to update you on the life of one of your contacts or friends use. And, by using the chat of this network, care abuse fall into a group chat because it can be quite unpleasant messaging handling this.

When creating a new profile in Facebook, some users become too creative, including inappropriate or difficult to remember names. This is not the most efficient way to handle Facebook. Avoid this practice, because who will find you if you can not even remember what you named you?

The list of inappropriate uses within Facebopok can be long and endless, because when dealing with people, everyone is susceptible to certain practices. Therefore, manéjate cautiously when using Facebook every day, optimizing its use and functionality in your favor.

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