Now a complement to these app facebook are 10 things you don’t know about facebook

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Complement to these app facebook

app facebook

1. by default your privacy options are minimized. He is considered your responsibility change them. Controls for privacy by default are deselected. Review them app facebook!

2. you can update your status, upload images or videos to your profile using Facebook Mobile on your cell phone. There is a version for the iPhone also. I’d like to know how many cell phone supports…

3. you can mark on the app facebook News feed the kind of stories that you like and which not. Thus in the future Facebook will show you more stories of the type that you like and (duh) less than those not. The thumbs-up indicates that you like the story and with the x indicates that not.

4. When you add a new application to your app facebook you are giving that application developers access to all data from your profile. Also have to take into account that some applications can contain viruses (social worms) that will not only affect you if not also to your contacts.

5. you can import a blog by half of the Facebook’s Notes. To the left there is a link that says “more” then you are going to “Notes”, then on the right there is a link that says “import blog >”.

6. you can reorder the sections of your profile (except the mini-feed, which you can not move, but if you collapse).

7. you can organize your contacts in the form of lists to e.g. list of friends from the University another work, etc. Click on friends and right leaves you the option of creating new lists, etc.

8. you can see a list when you met your friends in real life watching your “social timeline”. Go to “Friends” above, then the last tab says “More…”. Then in “Show” “Social Timeline” that should be among the last options select you.

9. you can add applications that let you create profiles for your pets: Dogbook, Catbook, Horsebook. Hahah it of at least one person who would love to do this.

10. Please note that there are certain users in certain circumstances may have access to your information and are not part of your contacts. For example, people that you are recruiting, developers of app facebook and the police. Do eye with this… where police? I have not clear…

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