Create a Facebook account with Hotmail

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Create a Facebook account with Hotmail

A tutorial designed for those people who want to create a Facebook account with Hotmail in a few steps, so that they can gain access to one of the largest social networks we can get nowadays on the internet.

Create a Facebook account

Following the following 5 steps, we will obtain a Facebook account with the above named e-mail service:

We will have that possession is one email account from Hotmail, if you do not have it you can get it also on the website. Once created the Hotmail account, we go to our browser and we headed to the social network page.

After having loaded the page, on the right side will show a few blank spaces which must be filled with personal data thus proceed to create the account.

Among these data: name, last name, password, email address; because in this case we proceed to place the previously created Hotmail email and click on the register button (a few characters in an image are shown to be copied in a field, treat filled the fields correctly to not cause delays).

Opens another window, indicating that you must confirm your assigned email address to activate your account.

Open a new tab in the search and we head to Hotmail mail. We review the message that just sent us Facebook and click on the link that will be shown to finish activating the account. This link will take us to the home page of Facebook.
create a Facebook account with Hotmail

In the home can begin to enjoy this fabulous social network and use some actions on Facebook as a post on our wall, upload albums of photos, videos, meet people from all over the world, communicate with our friends and sometimes helps us to inform us of the developments in Venezuela and the world.

As you will see create a Facebook account with Hotmail is a very simple procedure, so we recommend it to more people, they are our relatives, friends or acquaintances in real life.

The actions recently made by some of the users will be shown in the home. You can apply «I like», comment or share so that others can see it.

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