Create a Facebook pages

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Facebook pages

Facebook pages
Create a Facebook pages allows you to add a channel through which we communicate with our users, the difference having a group is in groups is having more control over the people who compose it, and the difference with creating a profile is that the profiles in general have limitations that the pages do not have.
Now, get to work, the process is very simple so they don’t panic.
We must first enter our profile and search the list on the left side of Facebook pages, once we see it we position ourselves on the text or any of the pages and you will see a button that says «More», also appearing can click here to enter.
Second, then click on «More», we have to choose the option «Create a page» to start the process, or but can click on this link.

Third, must choose the theme of the site, depending on which type of page that we want to create.
Fourth, once we decided which is the topic that best meets our requirements, we click on this and complete with what asks us, in the example we use the option «Cause or community».
Fifthly, once we complete the name of the cause or community, we check the box «I accept…» and then click on ‘Start’.
The rest of the process is simple and is fully guided, so they will not have major problems when complete with the creation of the Facebook pages.
How to access to the administration of the site
To access as administrators to the Facebook pages we have to do is the same thing we did in step one, only instead of clicking on «More» will have to click on the name of page that we want to manage.

If you have any questions about the creation of fanpage, can leave a comments, since as we all know facebook is constantly being updated.

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