Do not you pleasing notifications Live video of Facebook?

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Do not you pleasing notifications Live video of Facebook?

Live video of Facebook is a bold bet created to take your presence on Facebook to another level earning him a place of honor as a major rival for Periscope and Snapchat competitors.

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Although in its infancy this feature was only available for celebrities finally it has been expanded and is now available in almost everyone, thus allowing its users to retransmit a video of Facebook fully live what has caused great feeling as a spontaneous service fully interactive and can get the answer the author of the video in real time.

However, many users of the social network have expressed their dissatisfaction in relation to notifications received from each broadcast live video of Facebook invasive and inappropriate considering, initially were not upset these notices as they were few users were using this function but as it was gaining popularity then began to interfere.

In this sense, Facebook started offering further improvements by incorporating the ability to disable notifications for «streamings» live so that in this way you can choose which Live video of Facebook you want to see and what not, but having the ability to continue its contents.

Even if you prefer you can stop following the page or fanpage but certainly this is a drastic measure that will deliver you from your notifications, but you lose all your publications, meanwhile we recommend expect this new setting that lets you turn off all notifications live in the coming weeks will be available on the Facebook platform.

For some commercial pages or services as Buzzfeed not necessarily enjoy it this function disable notifications for fear that affected the hearing of his videos, given that the notifications would have become impulses to motivate their followers to watch their transmissions and interact with these, however Facebook, offers you this possibility for you to decide.

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