Facebook: how to recover your personal account if it was blocked

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Facebook: how to recover your personal account if it was blocked

Here are some recommendations on what to do if Facebook blocks your account.

recover your personal account

Facebook could close our account if it considers that we have behaved inappropriately bothering other users, either insulting, harassing or boycotting their activities. (Photo: Pixabay)

There are several reasons for Facebook to block or close a user’s account. Although all are specified in the conditions of use of the social network, there are really very few who have taken the trouble to read them. The problem is that many times we can incur some fault without necessarily having a bad intention.

Generally, an account is canceled because we have repeatedly posted inappropriate content or behaved inappropriately

Reasons why they block an account

Here are the main reasons why Facebook’s moderators could decide to block our account (also Instagram), according to Easyoffer, an online platform for lawyers. The decision is made taking into account the complaints of other users or because the managers consider it.

►Have more than one account in the same social network
► Impersonate another person
► Match other users
►Give false information
► Threatening or using violent language
► Publish material that violates intellectual property
► Publish nudes or grotesque content
► Spam
► Incite violence
► Send many friend requests to strangers

Contact the social network

However, the cancellation of an account due to these factors may be questionable or debatable, and therefore it is possible to appeal, although, in the words of Easyoffer, «recovering your account is a complicated task and for which it is required to arm yourself with great patience, (…) you do not have to resign yourself, you can always do something «.

Facebook does not usually close the accounts from the beginning, on the contrary, they do it when the user is a repeat offender. Usually, an alert is sent explaining the error and a warning so that it does not happen again.

If the platform has already disabled us, we must contact them with some information such as email, name and surname, identity document in JPEG format and try to send our explanation of why we believe we should recover the account. We can do this by filling out the following form.

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