Facebook messenger app

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Facebook messenger app

Facebook messenger app

Facebook has finished exhibit or present officially their Facebook messenger app for Windows. On this occasion you want to tell about how to download this application that will give you the possibility to be in contact with your friends while you do other things like work, travel, etc.

Do you consider yourself as of those who prefer to chat while you do other things?

You like to use the chat concurrently while these in your spare time you libes, check your email account or downloads music?

If your answer is affirmative, then continue reading our article, since the new Facebook messenger app for Windows application is ideal for you, that you like to be connected all the time.
With this application you’ll be able to chat with your friends and answer messages from your desktop PC and thus to receive instant notifications while doing other activities at the same time. Also you can chat while you’re browsing other sites or by using another application, without the need of being connected on Facebook.

Then we are going to explain how to do so that you can download the Facebook messenger app from the website of the social network of Facebook.

• First you have to enter the following link www.facebook.com/about/messenger
• Once inside the site, sign up with your username (email address) and password
• Finally, you have to click on the button that says “Install”.

Once you have carried out these insured steps, you’ve installed this new application and you can start to use it normally to keep in touch all the time or when you most need it.

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