Facebook Messenger PC Debuts version

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Facebook Messenger PC Debuts version

We all use Facebook chat that long since became independent under the name of Messenger mobile. Browsers such as Chrome, have available several extensions to use Facebook Messenger PC from our computer independently of the Facebook.

Facebook Messenger pc

Facebook Messenger for the web

Well, the Queen of social networks, has decided to launch an official website so we use Messenger from desktop computers or laptops with total comfort and without the distractions of our wall.

How to start using Facebook Messenger PC web version?

To begin we have to enter the page www.messenger.com, once located in this page we will enter our chat using your same account and password for Facebook. Once inside, you will see a similar design to the mobile app, but in three columns and with all the facilities for easy reading and writing.

Here you will find all your contacts, conversation history, etc., in addition to notifications, sounds and the possibility to make calls. In addition, just like that in the mobile app can send stickers and pictures and the likes. And for all this you don’t have to be connected to Facebook in another tab.

How to customize my configuration options?

Also remember that in the upper left corner you will find settings for disabling notifications and sounds, and also the button to write a new message.

Configuration options

How to edit a new message in this web version for PC?

The new web version of Facebook Messenger PC has added a button at the top to write a new message. How does this option?

It is very simple, just you have to click on the icon in question and immediately a new (in gray) with the title of “New message” will be created in your list of conversations.

On your right you will see that she is you request you want who to send this new message (in the box where it says “to:”). Just have to start typing the name of the contact that you want to write you and Facebook will show you immediately a predictive with all names list (whether our contacts or not) that contain the letters we have written.

Edit new message

Now it is only matter of choose and start to write using the text box that appears at the bottom. Remember that you can also send you pictures (this option only available for your contacts), stickers, or emoticons.

Writing options

How I know if me being written in the chat from PC?

Many wonder: and how realize me if I are writing about this new version of Facebook chat?. Because it is simple.

If you activate notifications will hear a sound (obviously you must have speakers ignitions of your PC) alerting you that you have received a new message, i.e., that there is someone who has started to chat with you.
If you do not hear the sound, the other alternative to realize is that at the bottom of your screen, in the bar of tabs open, you’ll see one that continually changes of title. One lets know you the number of conversations you have in line and another lets know you who is the last person that you are typing (for our example we use Chrome).

Well, as they have been able to see, chat Messenger Web is much easier and more comfortable in the same app for your smartphone or at the pop-up window of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger PC

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