Facebook new account easy

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Facebook new account

Facebook new account

Taking into account the importance of being in social networks and enjoy the benefits afforded by these social platforms and to know the risks in order to avoid them, here we present you a short guide to Facebook new account, social networks more popular today.

To create account on these social networks you should have an email either a corporate account or free like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail

Create an account on Facebook:

To create an account you will have to go onto the main page Facebook www.facebook.com and complete the following information:

Facebook new account

Thing to remember your password, to set a password safe and easy to remember help you create a strong password here. When filling out these fields will be shown a window in which you will have to fill captcha fields, with this Facebook will know that someone want to create a profile and not some malicious program.

Then, in the last step, for security reasons, Facebook will ask you to verify your account and ask for a mobile number which can send you a confirmation message.

Then you will receive the code to your cell phone. If you are in Paraguay, will have to add your number in the following way: in the case that it is cellular Tigo, delete the zero and write other numbers example: 982123456. The code will have to write on the page where you’re making the subscription, then you will have to click on finish and ready.

Close session on Facebook

Remember to logout of Facebook is essential for those who share a computer or use a computer public, as but another person who enters the site can access your profile without your consent. They should also keep in mind that if they mark the checkbox “Do not logout” at the time of log, the account will remain open even after they turned off the team, or that if they called this box the risk is even greater.

To close the session they should go to the settings menu, which is like a gear, and select the “Exit” option.

You can see that the given option is sublineada with red in the image located above, all you have to do is click this option and ready.

I hope this information is useful, if you have any doubt on how to create a Facebook new account can leave us a comment.

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