Facebook sign in free and easy

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Facebook sign in

Facebook sign in: Few left in the world without a Facebook account. If you’re one of them, we explain step by step how to create an account on this social network.

How to Facebook sign in

Facebook sign in

Facebook is the most popular social network, and one of its key is the ability to keep up on the lives of our friends and family as well as acquaintances who do not see for years. This has become a very useful and even necessary tool. If you finally want to create an account on Facebook, here we explain all the steps to do so.

Registering a new account on Facebook

To Facebook sign in, the first thing you have is an email. (You can open a free on sites like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!). Then, go to www.facebook.com and see a page of blue hues. There you will find a form where you must fill in data such as name, email address, date of birth and password (we recommend having more than eight characters). Once completed the form, press «Register».
On the next page you will have to complete a text box with letters and numbers that appear on the white background image then you press «Register».

We will have completed the process, and now we must enter our email to confirm the account creation. In the inbox there will be a Facebook message with a link check registration (if not in inbox, check your spam folder or spam). Click the link, which will take you to the Facebook page and tell you that the record has been completed.

How to Find Friends on Faceboook

On the next page, you can place the mail account and password created, (do not worry, it is a secure page) and press «search for friends». Thus, the page will review your contact list people who own Facebook, and you consult if you want to add as friends. Select with the mouse to the people you want to invite to join your social network, and press «add to friends». If you do not want to add anyone, press «jump».
Then you see all your contacts that do not yet have Facebook. Similarly, select those you want to invite, if you want to recommend the use of this social network.
Personal account information

From this point, the site will ask personal data that will be part of your profile. You must fill if you wish, or just press «skip this step» if you do not want to publish that information. Once completed these three forms, you can enter your new Facebook account. Welcome!.

Facebook sign in

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