Find people on facebook search using a photo

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Finding a person in facebook search using a photo

If you want to find the profile of a person in facebook search but have only your photo, there’s a trick that can serve you.

How to find a Facebook profile with a photo only

First of all to find a person on facebook search using a photo, you’ll have to go to facebook login home page and then you can proceed to the next trick.

If you’ve seen a picture of a person you want to locate, but can n

facebook search

ot remember his name or have mutual friends , Facebook search can help . As long as this person does not have a profile set to private , you can find it through the image information that is in the social network.

Open the photo in question and look at your registration ID . You can also find when you open the picture , in the browser address bar appears as a complex number, for example: » 141930_969012633634673_7125262_n » . This indicates that the photo is linked to the profile of such domains .

To find the person you ‘re looking for, copy and paste the number in question . Then go to the start of this issue, we write and press ENTER.

This way you can go to the page of the profile sought and provided when not set as Private. So you can invite that person to be your friend again, after years of not seeing or after they met at the party and did not register his name.

Remember that if the person does not have a profile set to private, you can find it through the registration ID that is in the photo on Facebook search. If your profile is private there will be no way to find it.

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