How Facebook works?

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How Facebook works

The goal of Facebook works is very clear: connect people with other people. It was really conceived for personal relationships, although business pages are rising in acceptance and virality. Once you create an account, the system will automatically tell you which of your contacts already have a Facebook profile. Select the ones you want to be in your network of fFacebook worksriends. Facebook works will send you an email to confirm the friend request. You can locate your friends by their email address, their name or their last name and invite them to join your personal profile.

That is and how facebook works

The big difference between Facebook works and other social networks is its dynamism: instead of a static profile that collects only the information that concerns you, when you connect, you arrive at a home page that keeps you abreast of everything they have done Your friends on Facebook recently (if they have updated their status, if they have added photos, if they have made a group, if they have created an event …).

Facebook the best social network

The Facebook works platform, like most social networks, allows you to publish and make visible the data that you want. If you do not want to publish anything, the only thing that will appear will be your name and / or email address. But you can also choose to make public your date of birth, your place of residence, your marital status, your religious or political beliefs, your professional career, your hobbies, etc. This explains how you can get to see the personal life of any user, by simply grouping your personal information (very careful with this topic).

Note: Neither Facebook nor other social networks oblige users, in any case, to disclose information and, in addition, offer means to limit the persons for whom the profile and personal data are accessible.

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