How to create your Facebook page in 9 steps

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Create your Facebook page in 8 steps

With more than 500 million active users around the world, are increasingly more companies that pass to the action and decided to create a Facebook page. And it is that nothing better than reaching consumers where they already are there is, and taking into account that users spend more than 700,000 million hours per month in this half the exposure of any brand before so many eyes can bring great benefits to your company.


Facebook page


If you are not a computer expert or a Facebook addict, don’t worry, since Facebook Login posted 9 simple steps so that you can begin to develop your marketing campaign in this social network.

1 Create your page

To create your own Facebook page only you have to login to and click on the button «create a page». Then access a screen in which you have to choose the category of the page that you want to create: local business or place; company, organization, or institution; brand or product; artist, group or public figure; entertainment and cause or community.

2 Fill in the information

Once you have chosen the category of your business, you will have to enter the name, the address and the telephone number of your company. At the moment in which you accept, you will be shown an early version of which will be your Facebook page.

3 Add a photograph

Upload a photo for your website. This can be a logo, a photograph or a person, it makes more sense for your company, but you can not weigh more than 4 MB. Keep in mind that, although it can be rectangular, the image that is displayed next to your updates is square, so if you do not want to have a strange appearance, the best is opting for a square picture.

4 Suggests the page to your friends

To begin to launch your page, recruit some «likes» your own friends. To do this, start to write their names, select them and add them to the list to send them an invitation. When you have the list, click on «submit recommendations».

5 Import your contacts

You can invite your email contacts to join your page via the function «import contacts». Via a file or directly by entering the email address, Facebook will reach out to people in your contacts list and invite them to your page. Those users with a Facebook account will receive a notice of recommendation to a page, while those who are not will receive an email inviting them to join Facebook and thus be able to access your Facebook page.

6 You start to create content

Once your Facebook page has photo and some fans, you can start posting content to communicate with them. States can share with everyone or segmented depending on the location or language, something that is especially useful when your company operates in different places. To publish links, on the other hand, the URL you not directly hit, but that by clicking on the button «link» you can attach it and publish, together with the link, an image and a text.

7. Create your own URL

When you get 25 fans, the site administrator can create a Facebook URL elnombredetuempresa. For this you have to log on to user page, choose the user from the menu and enter the name you want to appear in your URL, if available. Remember that once you make this change already you will be not able to change the URL.

8 Using the tools

To get an idea of when it is best for your company publish content on your Facebook page or type of content work best, Facebook Insights is an excellent tool. Keep in mind that measure success in social media is complicated and there are many companies that focus on the interaction of users. And it is that if there is activity on your page, it is probably because you are doing things right.

9 Appoint other administrators

You can make several people manage page and publish content in it, but remember that both the links and the States will appear as written by page and not by each of the users who can manage it. There is a limit of administrators for the page and you can add new administrators in the section «Administrators» in the toolbar on the right of the Facebook page.

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