How to hotmail sign in using Facebook?

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How to hotmail sign in or hotmail sign up using Facebook?

Our Hotmai account has a wide range of features that can slowly discovering . Among them , we find the possibility of linking our favorite social networks to Hotmail in order to be able to keep track of them without the need to have multiple tabs open in your browser . Then we will learn to link with hotmail sign in Facebook .

Use Facebook in hotmail sign in.

If we use our social network Facebook in Hotmail, we have to do is enter our Hotmail account using our login details (email and password). Once we find ourselves in, our goal is to access the Hotmail Options section allowing us to unite with hotm ail Facebook .hotmail sign in

Then we were on the first paragraph and click on the first option called » Account Details » . With this we will enter a new section for which we enter our password again .

The reason for this is because it is a very important section of our account so Microsoft protects the maximum, thus preventing the case let us open our account on a PC that has access to any other person will not have the ability to change our data such as our password .

Configure Hotmail Facebook

Now we can link our Faceboo account Hotmail para which have to click on » Allow» and we will see several options open . Now choose » Add accounts we » and enter into a new window as shown in the image above where we will have more to choose our social network.

Then a new window where we have to continue with the steps that will allow us to use hotmail sign in with Facebook we appear .

Now you can log into facebook login home page either hotmail sign in or hotmail sign up using Face book.

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