How to know if the personal Facebook account was hacked?

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How to know if the personal Facebook account was hacked?

Facebook account was hacked? The recent hacking of more than 50 million Facebook accounts again revealed the fragility of computer systems. On this occasion, the problem arose due to the «See As» functionality, which allowed cybercriminals to access private information of affected users.

Facebook account was hacked

For those who were victims of the fact, there are two ways to know if they are in the list of profiles that were attacked and whose data were compromised.

The first option is that the platform itself has sent a message to the user ensuring that his account suffered the hack, which has been recognized from within Facebook.

 How to know if you were hacked on Facebook?

Meanwhile, the second instance is that when entering the social network, either through the website or applications, you will be asked for the password even though you were already registered and saved to enter more quickly.

In case of being in one of the two cases, the recommendation of the experts is to immediately change the password, using passwords containing uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. In addition, it is discouraged to have all accounts linked.

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