How to log in to Facebook with a Google account

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Use a Google account to register and thus log in to Facebook with a Google account. Take advantage of its security technology and protect your information.

log in to Facebook with a Google account


Facebook and Google are two of the most visited websites in the world, so it is likely that by now you already have an account in both. Although if you already had it you wouldn’t be here. If you are being pressured by friends or family to make the big leap in the world of social networks, or even require you to open a profile for work reasons, we recommend that you use your Google mail to do so.

The only way to log into Facebook with a Google account is if you have used the latter to register. So let’s start at the beginning.

To register on Facebook with a Google account or any other type of email, the procedure is the same.

Start by accessing the Facebook page from a computer.
On the right side you will see a section titled «Open an account» in which you must complete boxes with simple information such as name, surname, email (here you enter your Google account) that can now be replaced with the phone number.
Confirm your address by typing it again.

Set a password, mark your date of birth, gender, accept terms and conditions. Click the green «Register» button.

Then: account verification. Facebook has sent you an email with a numeric code to the gmail account you have just associated to make sure that you are the owner of the address you want to use on the social network. So write it down and start your adventure.

Why use a Google account to register on Facebook

Google and Facebook are two heavyweights in the web community. This is not a mere coincidence, but is due to the fact that thanks to the efforts made by these companies over the years, both have been able to guarantee their registrants the security of their data.

The accounts associated with your Google account enjoy a fabulous security technology that is also linked or projected on third-party applications or websites. Google sends security notifications by detecting suspicious events in any of them, allowing you to always stay alert and take a step forward in protecting your information.

Being both are so careful with respect to the safeguard of your privacy, it is not far-fetched to try to unite their benefits by opening a profile on the social network with a gmail email.

Can you link a Google account to Facebook?

Both companies offer the two types of accounts most used by any number of sites (without maintaining any connection with either of them) to facilitate their users’ login, skip the registration process and avoid forgetting users and passwords.

Oddly enough, Facebook is not one of the websites that Google offers login technologies to. You both have your own very respectable data security guidelines. So the only link that can be established between the two is the one mentioned above, the use of a gmail account for registration on Facebook.

How to log in to Facebook with a Google account

Now that you have a Facebook account (since you completed the previous registration process on the site), you can log in whenever and wherever you want. To enter your account you only have to:

Visit the application (previously downloaded) from a mobile or tablet, or go to the Facebook page with any device from your browser.
At the top right there are two white boxes that you must fill in with your Google account and the password that you have just chosen for your Facebook.
Click «Login» or press «Enter» on your keyboard.
Ready. By completing these steps you will have fulfilled your mission. Sign in to Facebook with a Google account. What remains from now on is to make responsible use of it and enjoy its endless benefits.

Tips. Initial configuration of your Facebook

Among the basic aspects that you must configure when starting on your social network covers the following:

  • Select a profile photo so they can recognize you.
  • Start making friends by entering the name and surname or email of your family, friends and acquaintances in the Facebook browser so they know you want to have them around.
  • Make privacy settings from the start. Although you can always modify them again, establish from the beginning what you want in terms of security with this site.

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