How to upload a video faceb

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how to upload a video faceb

This tutorial will explain how to upload video to facebook like, is not difficult but there are always people who are complicated. That’s why expicarte proceed to step by step how to do it.

If you’re planning to upload a video to faceb to share with your social network contacts , then you came to the right place , because this time will teach you to post a video on my account wall.


Before telling you the steps to upload a video to your faceb wall, it would not hurt to do some other explanation. First, we should note that Facebook supports a lot of formats, universal video , which means there will be other formats that are not compatible .

What video formats are compatible with Face book ? Virtually all types of video are supported. Anyway , we recommend uploading your videos in MP4 , 3GP , FLV , MPEG , VOB, or WMV format.

Why I can not upload video to faceb compatible format ? Usually, Facebook has a limit on the size of the video. The size allowed for upload video to Facebook is 100 MB, to overcome this limit is impossible to perform the procedure.

Steps to upload video to your Facebook account


  1.  Login Facebook .
  2. Two . Click » Add Photo / Video » .
  3. Three . Click » Add Photo / Video » .
  4. April . A popup window where we have to choose the video file you want to share opens.
  5. May . Click » Publish» .
  6. Once you have loaded the entire file , faceb will send you a notification when the video is processed and published.

Note: All the videos you upload are saved in album called «Videos» you can easily access photos from your profile.

I hope this little tutorial serve them, remember that you can leave a comment if you have any questions. Do not forget to comment, thanks for visiting our items.


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