Keys you should know about the label facebook

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Keys you should know about the label facebook

When we talk about label facebook, we refer to a special type of bond that links people, places, or pages with a certain publication. They are mostly used to indicate who is in a photograph or a status update you want to share with others.

This feature allows greater connection with your friends online, finding a label facebook to thlabel-facebookose who have shared with you a moment or a special event, or who want to report on any page or publication of interest.

However, several questions arise about its management. Even sometimes they can be very annoying, so we have created some keys that should know to operate as an expert label facebook.

By labeling someone will create a link to his biography. Similarly in your review of biography you will see pictures or publications that your friends and others have tagged you.

We recommend setting the labels enabling the option «Do you want to check labels others add to your posts before they appear on Facebook?» With this you can review any content that you are tagging and if the pass, can be seen by friends and added to your profile. Failure to approve the tag, you can not prevent the photo or link is published by its owner and with whom you share only with this you will prevent this visible to your friends and your biography.

For more drastic cases you can block label facebook posts, and then clicking on settings submenu Biography and labeling.

On the other hand also you have the option of desetiquetarte of a photo you do not like, simply by selecting the photo and click on the menu at the bottom by selecting Options, and in the window that then appears select «Remove Tag» to suppress these unwanted applications on Facebook.

With these keys you can manage according to your preferences label facebook and enjoy the most of the world’s biggest social network.

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