How to logout facebook

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How to logout Facebook

Still don’t know how to logout facebook? Quiet, then we explain the steps to leave Facebook safely, i.e. how to logout Facebook and avoid that your account remains open in your web browser.

logout facebook

Many people think that you to logout facebook just close the browser or the same web browser tab. However, this is not enough to end a session open in the social network, which could be detrimental for those who are accustomed to sharing the PC.

It is also important to note that some browsers include warnings to remember the user name and password for Facebook, so that the next logins to run automatically. If you share a PC most advisable is to rule out this option for your own safety.

How to logout Facebook

1. previously, you have to be logged into Facebook.

2. click on the nut icon (located on the top left of the page).

3. click «Exit» (logout).

Logoff will immediately proceed on Facebook. To re-enter should put user name (email) and password to access data.

Remark: By security, it confirms that your Facebook session has completed successfully. To do this he updated Facebook page

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