Messenger Day the latest news soon to be released Facebook

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Messenger Day the latest news soon to be released Facebook

Messenger Day: Zuckerberg constantly designs new ways for users to use features and consume content on their platform. In this sense, Facebook Messenger has become a perfect ally to shorten distance with our friends and family.Messenger Day

In the face of the accelerated growth of other social networks, Facebook fine-tunes all the details for its new offensive this time with Messenger, in order to improve our experience in the use of this tool whose mode will allow sharing in a complete page photos and videos of a Whole day but that after 24 hours will be erased. This particularity shares it with its rival Snapchat, where there is also the expiration of publications.

Messenger Day ready to launch Facebook

This new proposal comes to counteract a little the accelerated growth of the popular Sanpchat, so experimentally has chosen Poland to perform the first tests and thus to know new ways of interacting.

The details about Messenger Day have not yet been revealed, it has barely been able to filter certain details of what is expected to be another success more than those used to harvest the giant Facebook. Since this novelty is known, users are interested in knowing it, so now, among what little is known is that you can add filters and stickers.

Specifically Messenger Day is proposed to be the favorite and is the invention that will boost Facebook’s messaging service, no doubt promises to be a total success whose ambition is to become the best option for an original and simple way we can share what happens to us in a day,.

Beyond a regular publication will offer more options because in addition to incorporating filters as already mentioned are added freehand drawings and even texts or comments in the images, its detractors compare it with Stories «de Snapchat» hope its availability in the rest of the world To draw our own conclusions.

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