New tricks to increase your privacy in Facebook

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New tricks to increase your privacy in Facebook

If you care about privacy in Facebook and have an account in Facebook, the social network most famous and powerful in recent times, then this article is for you.

If you never want to experience a risk of disclosure of your secrets and intimate information, then privacy in Facebookwe need to take as an important alternative the fact permanently delete your Facebook account. Otherwise, if you want to keep note these important tips to minimize the effects of a breach of privacy in Facebook through this social network.

How to configure your privacy on Facebook

Avoid placing the automatic geolocation will help make your location is not readily disclosed to third parties. In addition, the birthdate published easily publish intimate details of each, putting within reach of others, which we do not know the true intentions.

This suggests that the selection of the degree of privacy in Facebook available on this network through the «privacy terms of publications» in: public, friends, friends of friends or just me; surely it is not enough if we are not careful history of what we publish or make public on the web.

Therefore, do not publish in your profile data such as:

Your likes: To grant a «Like» to shared information, you are providing true data about your tastes and preferences, so there is a way to catalogarte according to them. So be selective to react within Facebook.

Phone Number: sharing information through FB, although they think is hidden, there is a prescribed way that manages to locate your data through your phone identification. So I delete it through the button and update information within your profile.

Date of birth: believe it or not this simple thing you put into the wrong valuable to plagiarize your hands identity data.

Location: If you’ve enabled the selection of «Friends close» automatically via your portable device a history of where you’ve been by GPS or WiFi network, and you’ll be to your list of contacts placeable always be established. To disable this option is simple, following the instructions you will be given.

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