The launch of Facebook Messenger Lite

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The launch of Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Launches now his Facebook Messenger Lite, which is a much simpler traditional Messenger version which offers very basic functions, this in order to improve the experience that can have user is in a location where Internet speed is very low.Facebook Messenger Lite

This new Messenger will be launched for countries like Venezuela, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Tunisia, where in addition to low-speed connections there is a high prevalence of old smartphones that do not support new applications very well presented in the market.

Facebook Launches now his Facebook Messenger Lite

With this launch this network will achieve empower people around the world, with the sole purpose staying more hours connected, this is a very different version of the Messenger designed for Android, with Facebook Messenger Lite, users can send faster and simple photos, text and links to any other user of Facebook to use either the traditional Messenger or Messenger Lite.

This is an excellent alternative if you want to stay connected to the rest of the world, as millions of people from around the globe access daily to Messenger, from a variety of mobile devices on different networks in which varies the speed and performance Internet connection.

New Messenger Lite

Now with Lite Messenger, people can stay connected and in touch with who you want without having to worry about the conditions of the network to which it has access or the limitations you own your Android device for storage.

Definitely Facebook Messenger Lite was designed in order to provide a better experience of Messenger to the general public, regardless of the type of technology they use or they can get.

This application weighs less than 10MB, which greatly facilitates installation and can be started quickly and without complications. Keep in mind that only includes the most basic experiences Messenger such as: send messages and links, send and receive photos and receive stickers.

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