The Wallapop Facebook Marketplace

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The Wallapop Facebook Marketplace

The best known and popular world social network, Facebook has introduced its Facebook Marketplace , this is a tool that allows users to sell their used products without leaving the social network.

That is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace

This is not the first time that Facebook decided to renew its business and direct it towards the sale of used products and even has tried to immerse themselves in this area never managed to clearly define their performance in this respect, however, this time showing a product well defined, as in Facebook Marketplace all users can sell the products they want.

The big difference this application, with others presented above, is that it does in an integrated manner within the main application, becoming a serious competitor to Wallapop.

Some of the main differences we find among other applications to install this company wanted to dive into the world of sales of second-hand products are:

  • You can find products that are close to the user.
  • It is an open application to any user of Facebook.
  • This application segments products by categories, such as home, sport, technology, among others.
  • It allows filters to help locate products of interest to the user. These filters are made very easily, unlike past applications seeking to sell used products.
  • This application will be initially launched in the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand and Australia, which will be achieved detect faults and put it in a trial period before being launched across Europe.

The list of countries to which arrive this application will be extended gradually in the coming weeks and months, so be patient for you to try this new application offers Facebook.

Finally keep in mind that the only requirement to download this application, it will be 18 years old and operating systems using Android or iOS.

The Wallapop Facebook Marketplace

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