Tips to maximize your Facebook Messenger

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Tips to maximize your Facebook Messenger

In this world increasingly connected app Facebook Messenger is used by millions of users as an instant messaging system designed to interact in real time, easily and from anywhere with your contacts.Facebook Messenger

Progressively this app has become a fierce rival in the market for mobile communication applications, since at least 700 million users use it, and is very close to the giant WhatsApp courier who does not lose care Facebook Messenger app as a bold competitor that offers great functionality to their users but many of them unknown, wasting the huge potential of this application.

This time we present some interesting and useful tips you might not know to get the most out of your Facebook Messenger.

Perhaps you thought that Messenger required to have a facebook account to run which is totally false, the good news is you can download the app and enjoy the usual functions, except those designed for users of Facebook itself.

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Surely these familiarizad @ with the function to create groups that also has WhatsApp, equally in Messenger can create them by adding your friends and family, with the option to customize to your liking the name and photo of the group that you prefer.

Do you prefer a closer interaction with family and friends? Messenger also offers you free calls and video calls, is only essential that you have enough data and a good connection to enjoy these services without problems.

A very useful feature when you are unwillingly to write or simply can not do, Facebook Messenger app has the advantageous feature audio messages that could not miss, you will not believe how much I can help this great feature.

This app is great but also not afraid to improve and adjust to your needs, if you want to have other applications can install you prefer depending on the options you are presented Facebook Messenger app to complement one of the most used is Dropbox that allows you to store and share files, etc.

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