How to make a video call in facebook home

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How to make a video call from Facebook home

The video call is a very common way to communicate with loved ones, why facebook home to this option implemented in your system.

Today we will resume on face book, facebook video calls talk on, que today are very popular today and we’ll teach you to use this new free service That Gives Us facebook home.

One day , Facebook had the brilliant idea to integrate with Microsoft on a mutually beneficial agreement , incorporating service video calls through Skype. Thus, millions of users of large social network can communicate via webcam from the comfort of your browser.

Yes, it is important to note that before making a video call you need to install a small application in the web browser interface will load the video calls on Facebook home skipe .

Surely in a new article will talk about how to make video calls through skipe, but we shall now make video calls on fasebook.

Steps to make a video call in Facebook login

facebook home

OneFacebook login home page.

Two . Click the contact with whom you want to establish communication .

Three . Click the camera icon video that appears on the side of the contact name .

April . The video call notification will be sent to the contact. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to answer the video call to open the Skipe interface .

Note: To make a video call is required to contact the other also meets the minimum installation requirements, in addition to a microphone and webcam.

And if a contact you want to communicate with you , you will receive a notification to answer the video call or cancel.

I hope this tutorial serve them to communicate with friends and family and do not forget to comment if you have any questions .

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