Welcome to facebook log in

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Welcome to facebook log in

Welcome to facebook log in: www.facebook.com is the official web address of the famous social network. If you do not have an account there and want to create one, you will go to this address or enter it in the address bar of your browser to start registration. And if you already have an account, also go to this address to log into Facebook by entering your username (email with which you registered) and your password.

Welcome to facebook log in

What is it about this network and because Welcome to facebook log in?

Facebook is the social network with more users on the planet, created by Mark Zuckerberg, whose access is free and free. Just have an active email account to register and make use of its benefits.

Welcome to facebook log in

After logging in Facebook will be able to upload photos, videos and messages (posts) so that they can see them friends or your public normally. Also you will be able to send private messages to your friends using a private chat, enjoy games, spread your sites or business, create sets, do surveys, invite public or private events, recall datas anniversary, among many other things .

What we will see in www.facebook.com?

From www.facebook.com will be able to register if you do not yet have a Fb account, or start in if you already have one.

It will also be able to download the mobile application if you enter this address using the browser from your cell phone. For this, only it will be sufficient to click on the «Facebook Mobile» button.

Finally, it will also see at the bottom a link to create a business page (call it this way if you want to create you a page is a public figure, a set of music or a business).

If you do not know how to create a page Fb, we have created an easy tutorial to learn how to create it step by step. You can visit it from here: does create a page on Fb.

How to put Facebook?

Chances are that when you enter for the first time to the official website of the halles Fb in your language. If not this way, there is a simple way to move it to your language.

Simply direct your view to the bottom of the start page Fb and there find a list of primary languages ​​of the planet (as shown in the red box color image below). Puts yours and click on it. Automatically you will see that your cover Fb change your language.

Welcome to facebook log in

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