Yahoomail sign in with Facebook

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Login in Yahoomail Facebook

We had talked in other articles on as hotmail sign in facebook, now talk about how to do it with yahoo mail.

Log in with Facebook in Yahoomail is another possibility we have, one that stands out from the competition for services like Outlook or Gmail sign in ymail services only allow you to connect but not log into our mail by using Facebook, Yahoomail now you teach you how to easily do you get your email instantly.

Why Yahoomail sign in using Facebook ?

The idea of ​​going into Yahoomail with Facebook is able to provide logon to our platform , you must remember anyway if you want to use email then Yahoomail  will have to create youryahoomail
custom domain and password, but you can connect the services and log into mail Yahoo easily , now that we know the concepts move on to the guide.

The first will enter Yahoo , let’s Yahoomail  login from here .Steps Yahoomail sign in with Facebook:

Now we will see the entry of  my Yahoo and you must click on the part where » Fasebook » appears .

We will open a new pop-up window where we have to enter our Facebook account as usual.

Now we will see a new screen where you have to accept the terms of service of Yahoo mail and Facebook .

A new screen will give the option to create our mail Yahoo ID easily fill our data , we choose a domain and password , keep everything and go. We have our new mail Yahoo mail .
Remember that once you have completed all these steps when you want to start your session Yaho can do it directly with Facebook , you will enter all the services including direct ymail Facebook .

In our next articles we will try to focus more on the different existing Internet email.

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